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gibson beach

One of my favorite places in the whole world is a beach in Sagaponack, NY called Gibson Beach. The parking is very limited, so it never gets too crowded, and the expanse of sand and sea is so magnificant that even the most annoying city-life issues seem to melt away as soon as I crest the hill from the road and feast my eyes upon the ocean.

Forgive me for sounding a bit romantic about this place, but I really would marry it, if such a thing were at all possible. And I was there this past weekend, with my family, enjoying what was probably the last real summer feeling day of 2010. Desperately trying to hoarde that easy lazy summer feeling before the fall really sets in for good. Sigh.

But I digress, because what I really wanted to tell you all about are these amazing beautiful anonymous sculptures that some magic fairy person builds on these shores. Mind you, this was in July, and I have been meaning to blog about this for, well, months now. But they are still a wonder, these delicate constructions of bamboo and shell, and I find them incredibly inspiring as they are truly sculpted by someone who just loves making beautiful things. And sharing them with the rest of us.

So this entry is a thank you, to whomever the person is that made these creatures and left them for us to marvel at, one sunny afternoon in July. Please make them again next year.

My not-so-secret wish is that I get to catch you in the act and thank you in person…

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