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15 minutes of fame

A few months ago, somewhat randomly, I got an e mail from Sarah Engler, an editor whom I’d worked with at Cookie Magazine (may it rest in peace) who is now happily ensconsed at Martha Stewart Whole Living (formerly known as Body and Soul magazine.) She wanted to know if I’d be into giving some style tips to their readersĀ  for their September issue.

Seemed easy enough. I get to sing the praises of wearing vintage, give some shout outs to some favorite designers, plus I figured it’d be good karma, as I spend a lot of time on the other sdide of the coin as a Krrb editor trying to get people to do similar things.

In reality, these things take forever, and to actually answer the questions in a halfway decent manner took me AGES. I am now officially way more impressed and grateful when anybody ever agrees to be interviewed by me– especially if that means answering questions via email.

The piece was published a few weeks ago, and I must say it is a testament to the good people of MSWL (as it’s affectionately known) how spot on it is. And when I spent time actually reading the magaizne (which, to be honest, I hadn’t really done in years) I found recipes I wanted to try, books I wanted to read and all sorts of stuff I wanted to buy (hmmm… maybe that last one’s not such a good thing…)

So, as we get ready to begin another school year (and are hopefully finished with hurricane related power outages and the like) I would like to take this time out to publically thank all of the people at Whole Living for doing such a thoughtful job, from the wardrobe to the photos (by the talented Johnny Miller) to the text itself. It really is a nice portrait that’ll be fun to look back on in the distant future when I have more time to sit and casually read again.

Sigh. If that day ever comes…

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