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It’s Mother’s Day again!

Every time someone asks me what I would like for Mother’s Day (and believe me, I never tire of answering this particular question) the first word that comes to my mind is: sleep. If only some enterprising entrepreneur could put a good night’s sleep in a bottle and sell it– I would have a lifetime subscription. And I’m sure I am not alone.

That said, sleep is not currently for sale, and Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I’ve come up with a list of things that might at least help the mamas in your lives feel more rested, cared for and loved.

goldies candle club
Goldie’s Candle Club.
Because what mom doesn’t want an all natural, mystically formulated scented candle arriving at her doorstep each month to help her find harmony with the seasons? Each candle also arrives with a beautifully written discussion about the particular qualities of each scent and how it relates to the time of ear it arrives.

urban moonshine energy tonic

Photo courtesy of The Alchemist’s Kitchen

Organic Energy Tonic by Urban Moonshine
Because the one thing all mothers can use is more energy. And if we can get it through a combination of roots, berries, herbs and flowers from Vermont, all the better!

CBD bath salt

photo courtesy of The Alchemist’s Kitchen

CBD bath salts by Vertly.
Because nothing says relax like soaking in a big old tub of CBD infused oils. I would like a lifetime supply, please.

Lauren's All Purpose Salve

Photo Courtesy of

Lauren’s All Purpose Salve.
Because what mom wouldn’t appreciate a creamy salve full of sumptuous natural ingredients that is as good in your hair as it is on your elbows, palms and feet?

Porter ceramic coffee mug

Photo courtesy of Goop

Ceramic to-go mug by Porter. Because sometimes you are just tired and are going to have to go straight the the cafe for a cappuccino. And wouldn’t it be nice if you had a reusable mug with you that is as kind to the eyes as it is to the earth?

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