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A clean start for summer

eggwhite soap

This bar of Eggwhite Soap, or Eiwit Zeep as it’s known by the locals, hails from Belgium, though the Swedes are also known for their slightly different formulation of the same basic thing.

Now I admit that I am a sucker for a beauty product with old fashioned european style packaging, so when I saw this little bar of Eggwhite Soap, read the label which promised removal of all impurities and a fresh glow on the skin, I had to have it. The $5 price tag didn’t hurt either.

The timing is perfect… Summer has suddenly pounced upon us, and with the heat comes an extra layer of grime that requires a bit more effort in the daily face washing department. Who knew that generations of Swedish and Belgian women have been harnessing the protein rich power of egg whites, the soothing healing of chamomile and the deep moisture of palm oil and lecithin to keep their skin so lovely?

So much better than layers of foundation and powder. And much less expensive than dermabrasion.

I am wholeheartedly jumping right on this bandwagon.

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