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Monday, Monday… or more links about voting, sleeping and saying goodbye

Getting out the vote, Pilobolus style. Photo by Robert Whitman.

Getting out the vote, Pilobolus style. Photo by Robert Whitman.

It’s been a hell of a week. Sorry for not posting more. I traveled down the coast to the funeral of a very close family friend and then spent time on Saturday holding the hand of my dying aunt (she passed away Sunday morning). I am about as worn out as a person can be (From lack of sleep? Chasing after an 8 year old? Death? MS? The presidential primaries?)… But the sun is shining, and one of my daughter’s favorite music teachers sent us this Spotify playlist with 7 different versions of If I had A Hammer. I’m listening to it right now. Everything’s gonna be alright.

In case you missed it, check out today’s Brian Lehrer show on the NY primaries. It helps to to demystify the ballots, and explains who we are actually voting for (hint: it’s not the folks we see on TV) and how best to make your vote count.

The League of Women Voters has all sorts of helpful information, phone numbers and even QR codes to make it easy as possible to let your voice be heard. Plus it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, this advice on how to talk to someone who is dying has come in handy this past week. I found it very helpful and figured there may be one or two of you who would as well…

Could achieving world peace and finding a cure for cancer be as simple as getting enough sleep? Here are 3 TED talks that will convince us that the road to a better world might just be paved with a good night’s sleep.

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