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Yesterday, at some point…


Another January, another attempt at clearing out all of the excess stuff in my office. This is not, to put it mildly, my first time at this particular rodeo. Nor my second. Or even my third.

But this time is going to be different. I am being kinder to myself. I’ve enlisted the help of a professional (the inimitable Martha Hayden– more about her at a later point), speaking with her over the phone for hours gathering up advice and working on gong about the project in a way that will stick. I’ve even gotten my husband (who has just left his job and is, as such, ripe for activities) into the game.

This is a huge job. It is going to take some time. We have only just begun. But we are determined to, in the words of the great Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest:

“Never give up. Never surrender.”

Yesterday, at some point is a series of photographs that describe a moment I experienced during the previous day. The posts are meant to be stand alone images, though at times I can’t control myself, and I end up expanding the caption into a more lengthy bit of text. Hopefully the extra information is useful, or at least interesting. If not, feel free to ignore it.

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