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Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

oven mitt

This oven mitt is brought to you by They design lots of stylish and artistic stuff for living, in case you were wondering.

So there I am in Whisk, my friendly neighborhood kitchen store, innocently buying mini cupcake pan liners for the tiny red velvet cupcakes we’ll be making tomorrow for the school bake sale, when my eyes fall upon this absolutely perfect oven mitt.

It’s made out of denim, which makes it perfect in an understated, tough, dirt won’t show on it kind of way. Plus it’s 16″ long, which means it covers my entire forearm. I’m not sure why I find that so necessary in a pot holder, but for some reason I do.

My eyes glaze over and I buy it, ignoring the fact that I have two (yep, 2) mitts at home that are now officially obsolete through no fault of their own.

Whatever. You only live once.

And if you don’t live near Whisk, just go to and order up your own so I’m not the only one with too many pot holders in the kitchen.

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