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The search for a jumpsuit continues…

The Evermore Jumpsuit by Rachel Comey.

The Evermore Jumpsuit by Rachel Comey.

Ummm…. instead of thinking about gifts that I’m going to give other people (’tis the season of the gift guide, and I must add my voice to the throng before it’s too late, damn it!) I have found myself trolling the internet for the ever elusive jumpsuit of my dreams. Not sure why it’s taken me so long to pull the trigger, but evidently, this is my way. I either spontaneously buy something the minute I see it, or I take ages to commit to buying a certain item. Take sneakers for example. I have needed new kicks forever. I’ve even written about it on this blog. And yet I’m still wearing the same old green Tretorns I got before my kid was born.)


What I really want to say right now is oooooooooh isn’t this Rachel Comey jumpsuit the bomb? Utilitarian and sexy at the same time. I’ve got to hand it to her– she cuts a fine garment. Maybe I’ll finally take the plunge.

And then I can turn my attention to getting those gift guides up!

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  1. Christina

    If I recall correctly, you are quite tall. Any tips for a fellow 6 footer on finding jumpsuits that are long enough? I have 2 from DKNY that are both long enough, but those seem to be in the minority.

  2. Brooke Williams Admin

    Aaahhh welcome to the club! I think this might be why it’s taken me so long to pull the trigger. Some sites are super helpful and actually give you the model’s height. Then you can make a good guess. But mostly I think we just have to try them on. I have high hopes for Rachel Comey as she tends to use tall models. Most of the Zero jumpsuits (which are some of my favorites) are too short. I’m headed to both stores tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to pass on anything I learn. Maybe we should start an online resource for tall women!

  3. Christina

    Thank you and please do!

    Also, an online resource for tall ladies sounds amazing. So many petite resources/ sizes but so few for those of us on the other end of the spectrum.