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Yesterday, at some point…

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This is a photograph of one of the gift bags we made for my daughter’s most recent birthday party. It wasn’t taken yesterday, but the party was recent enough that it still rings fresh in my mind. We try to make our gift bags original and free of candy and “junk” (which means totally different things to me and my daughter, but whatever) This year we gave everyone a little wooden star, a little bird that you can clip onto a tree or a bedpost, a miniature rubics cube and a small bit of play dough (evidently all kids still love goop of some kind…) We made the bags out of fabric, cut out individual tags and tied them up with some white ribbon we had laying around from an old craft project. (See– sometimes saving stuff is totally justified!)

The party was really fun, but crazy expensive in the way that evidently many NYC parties are when you rent out a space. I could go on about the Birthday Party Racket, but I am going to take the high road and just remember the screams of joy, the happy expressions on all of the kids faces, and the fact that we are not going to be having a birthday party again for a long time (we’re switching to experiences instead, thank goodness…)

Yesterday, at some point is a series of photographs that describe a moment I experienced during the previous day (or thereabouts). The posts are meant to be stand alone images, though at times I can’t control myself, and I end up expanding the caption into a more lengthy bit of text. Hopefully the extra information is useful, or at least interesting. If not, feel free to ignore it.

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