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Another thing I really don’t need but totally want regardless

Electric Feathers dress

I am hoping that if I get this dress I will suddenly find myself dancing through the overheated NY summer looking as cool as the woman in this photo. Which comes to you courtesy of the Electric Feathers website.

It has been so hot in New York (city, upstate and Long Island) that I have been dreaming of ice baths and endless pitchers of hibiscus iced tea, as well as some kind of air conditioned suit that will keep me at a reasonable temperature and allow me to avoid the inevitable mood swings (from frustration and anger to sheer exhaustion) that tend to ride in on the crest of heat waves.

As there aren’t any good looking suits of that type on the market right now, (though they are working on this in Japan) I am forced to seek alternate solutions. And one of them might very well be this dress from Electric Feathers, which is a company that I have loved from afar for years but never quite pulled the trigger to buy anything for myself. But I saw a woman strolling (nay, gliding) down the street in one of their dresses yesterday, and now I find myself on their website, contemplating the summer sale and about to join the club at last.

I’m thinking this dress is the one, though there are a few other ones that are catching my eye as well…

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