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Monday, Monday– or links to a few things you might want to get your mom (or wife, or sister, etc…) for Mother’s Day

good eggs flowers

A bouquet of seasonal flowers ($29.49) because, well, she deserves a little fresh beauty in her life.


A self watering planter ($100) because no one really wants to have to check on the potted plants every day, but everybody likes a little green in the house.


What mother has not secretly (or not so secretly) wished for a bottle of Magic Energy Spray ($16) to her her get through the tough times?

jil platner bracelet

Is there ever a bad time to give her a silver bracelet (from $285) from Jill Platner?

gretel home watering can

A watering can upgrade ($68) is never a bad thing.

ion water bottle

Pour some water (or wine, or whatever you’re drinking) into this Shigaraki ion bottle ($40) and the radium minerals in its glaze change the ion content. Which makes everything taste more delicious and is evidently much better for us. We should probably get two of these and keep one for ourselves.

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