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5 easy pieces for jumping in lakes

Aaaah.... the good old days... pre bathing suit.

Aaaah…. the good old pre-bathing suit days…

When they are really little, kids just need a swim diaper and sunblock. But when they get bigger, bathing suits come into play, for better or worse. I am determined not to be caught by surprise this year (“What do you mean last year’s suit doesn’t still fit?”) so I’ve just done a round of swimwear research and I’m passing along a few of my favorites:

vintage suit sweet william

First off, I have always loved this vintage style bathing suit by Little Creative Factory. So much, in fact, that I am seriously considering buying it again. (My daughter had one when she was 3…)
$78 at Sweet William.

mara hofman for J Crew

I remember when designer Mara Hoffman was just starting out, making all sorts of amazing clothes by hand… now she’s big time, but she still makes great stuff and her kids suits are beyond.
$100 at J Crew

target bikini

I’ve never been one for little girls in skimpy suits, but this striped bikini at Target is the perfect solution when your kids starts insisting she NEEDS a two piece.
$11.99 at Target.

kid wet suit at sweet william

So you surf and you’re hoping your little one will get up on a board with you? Here’s the perfect mini wet suit style bather for the junior surfer in your lives.
$75 at Sweet William, again.

busy bees tank

Or maybe this year, it’s just about a classic solid tank in a great color…
$60 at

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