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Happy Earth Day! Five ways to keep the spirit going all season long…

hori hori garden tool

Photo courtesy of HandEye

A great way to celebrate what the Earth has to offer is to plant a garden, right? And this very old school Japanese knife-digger-scraper thing (otherwise known as a Hori Hori) is kind of a one stop shop when it comes to digging, weeding, planting… you name it. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’ll last forever. And it just looks badass.
Stainless Steel Serrated Edge Hori Hori, $35 at HandEyeSuply.

compost bin food52

photo: James Ransom

The Earth is always hungry and loves nothing better than to snack on the fruits (and vegetables) of it’s own labor. So of course we all compost, right? It’s super easy to do in NYC, as there are spots at all of the Greenmarkets where you can just drop off your scraps. And now we can all graduate from keeping our compostables in a plastic bin under the sink (or worse yet, just out somewhere) to this sleek actually attractive counter-top compost bin. Phew.
Noaway countertop walnut compost bin, $150.

Photo: Brooke Williams

Photo: Brooke Williams

Unfortunately, time spent outside means time spent with ticks (at least in the Northeastern US, where I spend most of me time) But there are some great all-natural alternatives to the typical DEET-filled spray. Like rose geranium oil, for one.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Who says you need a garden to garden? Check out Apartment Therapy’s brilliant post listing 10 ideas for how to grow on patios, balconies and even indoors!

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

These super cute tin container gardens are another way to plant in limited spaces.


Take your kids on a listening walk and discover all of the sounds of your neighborhood. Paul Showers’ lovely book (aptly titled The Listening Walk) gets you inspired.
The Listening Walk, $6.99 at Barnes & Noble.


And when you’re done with all of the above, check out Krrb’s list of links for even more ways to get involved in actively supporting our planet.

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