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And the winner is…

Poturo kettle

Our cheerful new Poturo kettle. At long last.

Finally finally, we have a new tea kettle. Our former, burnt-on-the-inside model, which I have been looking to replace for months, has been retired and this new, smaller elegant Japanese version sits in it’s place.

The beauty of the Portoru kettle lies in its simplicity. It’s just the right size, beautifully proportioned and makes me happy every time I look at it. (is that weird?) It is not super fast and modern, like an electric kettle, nor does it have a whistle, so I have to pay attention to ensure I don’t repeat my old mistakes. It’s handle is made of the same enamel as the rest of the pot, allowing for a beautiful uniformity but requiring the use of a pot holder.

And yet, despite all of it’s shortcomings, I am smitten.

As I type this, a white version is on sale on One Kings Lane, which is where we bought ours. But if you miss that opening, or are interested in a different color, try Creatures Of Comfort, where a full range is currently available, albeit without the discount.

May all of our futures be filled with delicious cups of tea.

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