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Monday, Monday– or more links about Black History Month (better late than never)

annie eastley

Without the work of Annie Eastley, space travel may never have been possible.

Engadget is profiling African American pioneers in the universe of science and technology. Check out how Annie Easley helped make space flight possible and then go here to learn about other groundbreakers.

The 50 essential African-American independent films, according to the master listmakers at Flavorwire.

This month, Stylelikeu decided to keep the Black Lives Matter conversation going by asking groundbreaking African American trendsetters with inspirational personal style and asking them what it means to be black and all sorts of other stuff. Start with their moving profile of style icon Lysa Cooper and then dig around for more.

I just listened to this recently discovered 1962 speech by Martin Luther King, Jr and was struck both by the power of his words and by how far we have yet to go to achieve the dream.

Listen and be inspired by the music of the Civil Rights Movement by checking out this playlist on 8tracks. Or if you’re feeling flush, this Smithsonian Folkways CD called Voices of the Civil Rights Movement looks pretty damned good.

A book is always a great place to start when tackling difficult subjects with your children. Here’s a list of 11 kids books that address and celebrate the African American experience from the Huffington Post.

History is being made every day. Consider being a part of it by checking out what the people at #BlackLivesMatter have to say and keeping the conversation going.

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