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Monday, Monday– or when it’s cold outside, we also listen to music

Traditionally, this is a weekly post with a number of links to various other places in the rabbit hole where you can learn more about something I have briefly mentioned here. But today, in honor of YET ANOTHER DAY IN THE LOW TWENTIES (yes, I am shouting in type) I give you seven songs about the cold to help you while away the hours between now and the next time the thermostat creeps above freezing.

The first is a video which is too priceless not to watch, but the rest are simply meant to be listened to, perhaps whist sipping a cup of hot cider and staring out into the frigid world…

The original from the 1940 film Neptune’s Daughter featuring a young pre-Fantasy Island Ricardo Montalban.

In the cold cold night, by The White Stripes. From way back in the day when people were confused and thought that Jack and Meg were siblings.

She’s So Cold, by The Rolling Stones might not be about the outdoors exactly, but you get the idea…

Art and Paul sing to us about the Hazy Shades Of Winter. (That’s Simon and Garfunkel to the uninitiated…)

Doughnut for a Snowman by Guided By Voices. Because I basically love everything by this band.

Big Maceo’s Wintertime Blues (1945) because the blues and wintertime like to walk hand in hand.

Sure, Winter Wonderland is generally considered to be a Christmas song, and Christmas is over, but Johnny Mathis’ voice is as clear and sharp as a glittering icicle and not to be left out in the cold.

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