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Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

hotpad by Alessandra Taccia

Oh just another, but way more beautiful than what I currently have, thing to place hot plates and pots on… photo courtesy of

I do have a trivet made of wood and ceramic tile… I bought it in the 80′s I think, but it does the job. And usually, when I need to put a hot pot down on a wooden surface, I just use one of our felt pot holders, which work perfectly.

Neither option, however, is as attractive as this hand crafted hot pad by Alessandra Taccia which I spotted whilst trolling through old Remodelista posts instead of doing all of the other things I am supposed to be doing.

I then spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get my hands on one, but all of my attempts thus far have failed. There is an online shop, called Knots, but they don’t seem to have any products currently available.

If any of you have any better luck, please let me know. In the meantime, we can all dream…

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