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A whole bunch of links about #GivingTuesday


Evidently the act of spending money on others makes you a happier person. If that’s actually true, and we all give to charities today, imagine what a happy place the world will be tomorrow…

Now that you have (hopefully) taken advantage of some of the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deals, why not take some of the cash you just saved and give it to some people who are trying to make the world a better place? The are countless organizations doing incredible work all over the world that need our help. Here are a few that you might not have heard about to get your juices flowing:

So what is this #Giving Tuesday thing, anyway?

Help Zam Zam Water bring fresh water to underdeveloped communities in Yemen, Afghanistan and Rwanda.

In Malawi, fewer than 25% of girls finish primary school, largely because schools are located so far from their homes. With bikes, they can travel to school safely and get the education they need. Help make it happen.

Lets teach our kids the importance of learning how to give back to our communities. Check out this curriculum guide for integrating philanthropy into our everyday activities and pass it on to the educators in your lives.

Radio is the new Internet. Help the good people at Heritage Radio Network promote the value of whole foods and continue to be the most progressive voice for food and culture radio in America.

Help Film Biz Recycling save thousands of movie props from being tossed into land fills. You can even pay them a visit and do some holiday shopping at the same time!

Through, teachers post proposals for various needs (iPads, art supplies, cash for a field trip…) and then you donate to whichever projects you’d like. You get notes from the kids and eternal life in their hearts, they get the materials they need for a richer education. Win win.

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