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How to fold a napkin

Ummm…I know it looks like I am turning into some kind of Thanksgiving obsessed Martha Stewart-style preacher, but I swear this is the last post of this kind for at least a few more weeks (when the next slew of holidays will be upon us and we’ll need more drink recipes and gift wrapping ideas to get us through).

My husband showed my daughter and me this video the other night, and not only did we actually find it charming and funny, but we then spent the next 20 minutes or so on the One Kings Lane blog, learning how to actually fold these various napkin styles and figuring out which one we’re going to use for our dinner table tomorrow. And by “our” table, I mean the table at my parent’s house, which is where we’re all eating our Thanksgiving meal. My mother is all about decorating a table, but luckily she seems more than willing to give up the folding of the napkins and the making of the place cards to the next generations.

Lets hope we do her proud.

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