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Yesterday, at some point…

la fondita, amagansett

We had lunch at La Fondita in Amagansett, which is well worth a voyage down the over-travelled Montauk Highway if you are in this neck of the woods. Delicious street style Mexican food, picnic tables or blankets by the pond, cheese quesadillas for the little ones, watermelon juice…

This photo was taken while waiting very patiently for the number 15 to be called…

La Fondita
74 Montauk Highway
Amagansett, NY
open every day

Yesterday, at some point is a series of photographs that describe a moment I experienced during the previous day. The posts are meant to be stand alone images, though at times I can’t control myself, and I end up expanding the caption into a more lengthy bit of text. Hopefully the extra information is useful, or at least interesting. If not, feel free to ignore it.

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