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Shoo fly

fly swatter

A lovely wooden fly swatter made by Germans, of course.

Hmmmm… one would think, judging from recent posts, that I am a woman at war with the entire insect world. This is not true, though I do harbor a potentially unreasonable disdain for ticks, mosquitoes and flies.

The war against ticks became less unreasonable once they introduced Lyme disease as a weapon. Mosquitoes are not quite so powerful in the illness inducing dept (though malaria and west nile virus must count for something) but their bites can be awful and the sneaky bastards are everywhere.

Flies, by comparison, don’t do all that much. Except hang out on dog poop and then walk all over the lovely potato salad you made for the picnic. Even so, I truly dislike them, and have always had a fly swatter on hand to shoo them either out of the way or into oblivion, depending on my mood and their transgression.

This summer, I have treated myself to a new, really nice fly swatter. Saw it over at Fellow Barber, where I am just now noticing it is on sale. Made by the esteemed German company Redecker, which makes all sorts of lovely wooden objects to help with the housekeeping. You should go get one of these, if you’re in the market for such a thing, that is.

Because if you’re going to spend the summer swatting, you may as well do it in style.

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  1. Kelly

    It’s good to know I have fellow combatants in this war I’m waging against the creepy crawlies… Would you believe a big fat fly kamikazied into my breakfast yogurt this morning? They are up to no good and we must remain vigilant- I need a good German swatter now that they have upped the ante in this way!