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Monday, Monday– or more links about summer vacation and drinking


Maybe the perfect thing to help us get through the full on (in every sense of the word) days of summer is a nice drink. Or 4. Photo from Momfilter and most likely by Yolanda Edwards.

Bunmi Laditan is a woman after my own heart. Is it so wrong to just not want to take your kids to Disney World?

Scary Mommy might not have the greatest tips on how to survive air travel with kids (I just can’t get behind dressing everybody in elastic waisted pants, no matter how practical it may sound) but they sure are funny…

Travels with Clara, on the other hand, is one of my all time favorite blogs when it comes to traveling with kids. Yolanda doesn’t post all that often (what with her busy job up at Conde Nast Traveler plus overseeing Momfilter and all) but her advice is always solid and often unusual, the photos are lovely, and most of the places she talks about are off the beaten track (no Disney World here!)

When I read this Apartment Therapy post on making a summer to-do list, I felt both horribly inadequate (What? Was I supposed to do that too? Along with everything else?) and angry (Isn’t it enough just to make it out of the school year alive? Why put extra pressure on ourselves during vacation?) But then I started thinking that it might be a good idea. As long as the list doesn’t include a trip to Disney World, that is…

Whenever I start feeling inadequate about this transition into summertime, I just turn to this post by Jen Hatmaker on being the worst end-of-school-year-mom ever and laugh till I cry. It might seriously be the funniest thing I have ever read in my life.

Perhaps, at the end of the day, especially in the summertime, what is really needed is a good drink. Not anything too strong, mind you, just something to take the edge off. Leave it to Momfilter to supply just the thing in the form of an Aperol Spritz.

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