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Yesterday, at some point…

jill planter jewelry

A shot taken in the hopes that the bright colors would drive the drab of winter away…

Through the magic of the internets, one day, I’m standing outside on E Houston St, shooting photographs of beautiful silver jewelry by my dear friend Jill Platner, and the next day the photo is up online, announcing her latest sale. In the olden days, we had lead times– sometimes of three months– before we ever saw the fruits of our labor published. And while sure, I’ve become accustomed to the speed of the turnover today, it still never ceases to amaze me.

But I digress.

The real piece of news is that Ms Jill Platner is actually having a sale. This is rare. And it’s because her whole crew is so sick of this never ending winter that they figured maybe if they had a “winter be gone” sale, the winter would, well, be gone.

SO go check it out on Crosby street (or online) and get yourself a little something while the getting’s good. Because the sale only lasts for a week. And hopefully winter will exit the stage right after.

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