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Yesterday, at some point…

snow n february

My reality this past weekend. Fairytale or nightmare? Or perhaps a bit of both… (This image is part of a new series in which I am posting single images that describe some moment I photographed during the previous day. Kind of like my own slightly more considered and not-quite-instant, Instagram.)

Ok so technically this was taken the day before yesterday as I was marveling at the extreme nature of the snowfall this month (fairytale). But right after I took this picture, I dropped my phone in a snowbank and had to crawl around digging blindly (nightmare) until I found it (fairytale). Of course the phone went into a coma (nightmare) and had to be submerged in rice for 24 hours (useful tip) before it fully recovered (fairytale).

Phew. Will the roller coaster never cease?

Oh by the way, I shot this with a really fun photo app called Photosynth that stitches together sequential images into a panorama. Worth checking out.

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