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Happy Groundhog Day!

groundhog day artwork by chris piascik

I was looking for a copy of the original movie poster or something, but I found this gif by Chris Piascik instead. Not vintage, but awesome, regardless.

Groundhog day always reminds me of 2 things. First, the seminal 1993 comedy starring Bill Murray in which a man is forced to live one day of his life over and over again till he gets it right. The other is the fact that it is my wedding anniversary– 11 years today. 11 years and still standing strong. A moment of silence please.

Thing is, they kind of go together in a way. Because in a marriage, at least in ours, I feel like each day is an opportunity to start over again. To remember why it was that we decided, against all odds, to promise to stay together in front of all of those people. To figure out little ways to be more understanding, more generous, to make each other laugh, to actually hang our coats up where they belong when we come home at night… I am looking forward to an endless stream of these do-over opportunities, because the more we practice at anything, including relationships, the better we get.

Also there’s the part about choosing the right person in the first place, but that doesn’t fit in with the theme of this post, so I’ll just leave it as a sidebar, despite it’s potentially being the crucial and most central issue when it comes to being married.

But on an entirely different note, I give you this hilarious video mash-up of Louis CK on both marriage and divorce. He clearly has a different opinion about these things than I do. But that didn’t stop me from laughing my a** off when I saw this.

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