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I would like to say that I am person who is entirely motivated by an unselfish desire to transform the world into a better place, to improve the lives of others thus covering their faces with smiles, to give without even the slightest consideration of reward.

But that is not entirely true.

I will, I admit, walk a bit faster when there is a carrot tied to the end of the stick in front of me. At least I can say I am honest about that. And while there are certainly times when that carrot takes the form of a smile, there are other times when it looks more like a new pair of pants from Maria Cornejo.

So I am currently in the process of figuring out what the carrots are for my particular 2014 resolutions. Or goals, lets just say goals. It feels less intimidating, somehow.

wooden doorstop

It just feels better when you look down and see something beautiful keeping the door open. Trust me. Photo courtesy of Twine.

I am looking to take care of unfinished business, which in my language means clearing out the piles, for it is in the form of mountains of stuff that my unfinished business takes shape. Like when I recycle all of those junky plastic doorstops I keep around, I get to replace them with 2 of these nice ones (because I only ever need to prop open 2 doors anyway.)

Or when I organized the little shelf in our bathroom… (see before and after pictures below)

shelf organization

Before is on the left, a hodgepodge of bath related items, tossed into the shelves as though the enemy were coming and we had to escape quickly. On the right, just a quick moment to straighten and organize, the kid stuff is no longer overwhelming when condensed onto one shelf, and the entire top level is now devoted to lovely smelling things, which tend to look really nice and include the delicious big sur cabin spray. Oh and the little wikistick snake that has become part of the family.

This completed task justified the purchase of the otherworldly cabin spray by Juniper Ridge that makes me feel like I’ve stepped out of the shower onto a secluded forest trail in Big Sur. I’ll take the mountain in the middle of Brooklyn any day.

This style of motivation works for me, and at this point, I stand firmly in the by-any-means-necessary camp when it comes to clearing out my situation. There is no harm in rewarding oneself for a job well done.

Now you may have noticed that I have made no mention of the-catastrophe-that-was-once-my-office, because I’ve been putting it off.


But today is the first day of a bright new future. Today I begin tackling one corner of my desk, because I figure I’ll start with a clean work area, and then I can begin to face the music of the stacks of boxes, one by one. If there are any of you out there embarking on a similar project and you want to swap stories, or give me some tips, please oh please be in touch. I can use all the help (and company!) I can get.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow I will be able to show you a much more together version of this little area.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow I will be able to show you a much more together version of this little area.

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