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Gift Guide, Chapter 6: Things you might want to give me or my husband, if you were so inclined, pt 2

More gifts that we might like… and if we like them, other people you know might like them too.

snack containers

For all the moms (and dads) that need to tote around snacks for their kids (or themselves) but aren’t interested in using plastic because of the harmful effects of the chemicals leeching into the aforementioned snack. (Trio of snack containers, $24.32)

lene gloves

I do not like to be cold. (wool felt long mittens, $120)

tom dixon math  tools

Does including this brass set of measuring tools on this list out my “creative” husband for the math geek that he truly is? (Tool The Mathematician by Tom Dixon, $130)

whale opener

My favorite song as a kid was about whaling. I still sing it every night to coax my daughter into sleep.(whale bottle opener, $26)

kiosk felt inserts

Who doesn’t like warm feet? Certainly not the Swedes, who make these felt shoe inserts. ($24)

red flower hair conditioner

If you know me, you know about my love of all things Red Flower. Yet somehow I missed the fact that they make hair products. Like conditioner. That I would use every day if I had some. Just sayin’. (ocean softening hair conditioner, $32)

lunch tote

Trying to get my husband to bring a healthy lunch to work every day might be as easy as getting him this bag. (lunch tote, $65)

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