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Shelter Island deliciousness

Reddings pizza

The pizza menu at Reddings Market on Shelter Island.

This week, we visited some friends who are renting a picture perfect house, right on the water in Shelter Island. It has everything you could want… a big yard for the kids to run around in, equipped with an amazing old fashioned wooden playhouse (with real window boxes, a toy kitchen, a picket fence– the works!) Plus, right out front, the beautiful bay with a sweeping view of both sunrise and sunset.

If you looked up perfect childhood summer memories in the dictionary (remember dictionaries?), the first photo would be of this place.

The only thing they don’t have on site is an endless supply of food. For that, we headed over to Reddings Market, a great local gourmet market that alone makes the ferry ride worthwhile.

Yummy produce (like these green beans) from local farms.

Yummy produce (like these green beans) from local farms.

Delicious pizzas, a top rate butcher, local produce, and, best of all for the little people, cotton candy, made to order, with 7 flavors to choose from.

eating cotton candy

The jewel in the crown: cotton candy, made to order!

cafe at reddings

The cafe features a huge wooden table for communal coffee sipping.

The place has been recently re opened under new management, and includes a cafe serving breakfast and lunch that you can eat either at the communal table or boxed up to take along to the beach. It feels both upscale and local, which is a hard trick to master, though Shelter Island is the perfect place to try.

olive oil on the shelves of reddings

The shelves are stocked with a nicely curated selection of grocery items. (That sounds like a caption from some dumb magazine. Sorry. I’m a bit tired)

gluten free section

They’ve even thoughtfully arranged a section for people looking to avoid gluten.

Looks like we’ll be making more trips across the water this season (or what’s left of it!)

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