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Monday, monday

Listen to gardener/activist Ron Finley talk about planting food in South Central LA and then go grow your own food.

Who knew that fermented food is amazing for supporting your digestive system? Turns out, fresh isn’t the only thing to look for when it comes to eating right.

I am totally going to try this recipe for braised pork loin. No for real. It looks delicious and evidently it can’t be messed up…

My favorite kids cookbook these days.

Just think about how much cuter my grains would look if they were stored in these jars

We all know that drinking soda is bad for us, and worse for our kids, right? (Please say yes…) But did you know that soda is actually making our kids more violent?

And, for no good reason, I am including this article I just read a few minutes ago listing the 20 cities most vulnerable to flooding given the current state of the world. Which scared the bejeezus out of me, by the way, and made me wonder why oh why am I so attached to NYC?

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