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Joe Bradley rocks

Joe Bradley drawings at Gavin Brown

This is my favorite wall of Joe Bradley’s show at Gavin Brown Enterprises in NYC.

Joe Bradley’s recent NYC show at Gavin Brown was profound, funny, simple, huge, graphic, tactile, primitive and subtle all at the same time. Pay attention to this artist, who is quickly moving into the art-star category. I love his work.

Click below to see more from this show…

Joe Bradley drawing

So maybe he’s telling us not to smoke?

painting by Joe Bradley

I think this one is my favorite painting in the show. I’ve got a thing for stars…

joe bradley paintings

Four huge canvasses all in a row…

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  2. Charles gallagher

    Great to be aquainted to joe’s painting.
    Artists hate ‘oh I can see this in it that in it’ simply pure association.
    I found ‘two birds’ first which led me to some of his other works, the ‘birds’
    Was intriguing as it seemed to suggest something just out of reach, at that point I hadn’t seen the title. I just loved the vibrancy of the yoke yellow against the sort of grubby ground. I then found the title, which decoded some of the picture gestures and shapes ‘interesting I can see that’ but I’m still grabbed by the yellow .
    There’s another which is more graphic, a huge star stuck on a ‘field’ that suggests
    A comic book that has been walked on and run over a thousand times, grubby but
    Anyway bottom line love the stuff.
    Check me out on Pictify .