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Oh my god there are only 4 days till Father’s Day

father and son

My husband (one of the best fathers I know) learning the ropes from his dad back in the day.

Don’t give up hope. There’s still time to get him something amazing. Click below for a few things I would be getting for my dad if I hadn’t already committed to buying him something useful (but way less cool.)

Jill Platner accessories for men

Is your dad into surfing or holding his pants up with an elegant silver belt? Then Jill Platner is for him.

Get him a belt, bracelet or cufflinks from Jill Platner. Order them online or stop by the store to ensure it’s in your hands by Sunday.

malkovitch designed sneakers

Any sneaker designed by a movie star must be great, right?

How about a pair of patriotic kicks designed by the timeless and ever-stylish John Malcovitch?


Or maybe it’s all about an iPhone case that looks like an old book? (I want this one for myself, actually, and am waiting for my current case to break so that I have an excuse…)


Give him a beautiful toolbox, so maybe he’ll put his things away between projects. This is a gift that can potentially make your mom happy too.


Help shade his eyes with these beautiful sunglasses from Shipley and Halmos. Order them online, or head over to Bird (in Brooklyn and, for the summer, Shelter Island!) to pick ‘em up yourself.

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Or why not just forgo the whole “stuff” thing and give your dad something to do instead?

Hopefully this will help spur you on to celebrate the fathers in your life in a timely fashion. Treat ‘em well because remember, without fathers, who’s going to spearhead the breakfast-in-bed project for mother’s day?

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