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Dan Estabrook makes beautiful pictures

Dan Estabrook inviote

The official online invitation to Dan Estabrook’s beautiful show. Which I just lifted from the website, but I figure since I’m promoting the show it’s ok, right?

For some reason, it seems that May 2013 is “my-friend-has-a-show-in-a-gallery” month so I have been trucking over to Chelsea to see what has been keeping them so busy for the past little while. And I must say I have not been disappointed.

Take my friend Dan Estabrook’s images for example. He uses what are called alternative processes, (ie not silver like your standard black and white photo, but other light sensitive emulsion techniques like gum bichromate and carbon printing that were typically used in the early days of photography) to create a haunting series of pictures that could be over a hundred years old. They are intimate, captivating and surreal, and manage to be both peaceful and disturbing at the same time.

His show is up through June 15th at Daniel Cooney and is well worth checking out. I took my daughter to the opening and she immediately fell in love with the girl with the fire headband (below). I liked her too, though I am also partial to the feet (also below) maybe because I am a Pisces and we are supposedly really obsessed with our feet.

dan estabrook images

Or does the fact that I especially love the feet image make me some kind of Jesus freak?

I apologize for not writing a profound review of this show. I am about as much of an art critic as I am an astronaut. But you should still listen to me and go see this show anyway.

Just because.

Dan Estabrook
Daniel Cooney Fine Art
526 West 26th Street
Through 15 June

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