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Why I love Kula

The main studio at Kula Yoga Project's Brooklyn location.

The main studio at Kula Yoga Project’s Brooklyn location.

Today I took a lunchtime hour long class at Kula’s Williamsburg yoga studio. Which I love. Here’s why.

Not only does my longtime pal Schuyler Grant co-own and teach here, and not only do they serve up the most delicious food and drink at the shanti shack, a delectable little vegetarian cantina (to borrow their own definition) located in the lobby, and not only do they have two studios and the brains to schedule a kids class at the same time as the adult class so you and your little ones can get your asanas on simutaneously…

But, and here’s the kicker, the studio is BEAUTIFUL. I mean, look at that photo. If that’s not enough to free your mind, I don’t know what is.

And check out the details:

floor at kula yoga

Like these stencils that are painted at various spots on the antique wooden floor…

strap hook at kula yoga

A nice place to hang one’s strap. Somebody actually thought about this.

light switches at kula yoga

A bit of leather for your light switch.

used mat sign at kula yoga

Even the sign for hanging up used yoga mats is considered. You really gotta hand it to those Kula ladies. They clearly have a hankering for visual peace as well as mental clarity.

Just like I do.

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  1. elena

    I have seen this lovely place last march during a trip in NY.
    I did not save the name and just found it on googlemaps by wandering around williamsburg on streetview…wow technologie!
    Could you please confirm me if aside of this school there is a little corner with a bar, food stand…?
    thank you
    best wishes


  2. Brooke Williams Admin

    Hi Elena… Yes inside of Kula there is an amazing little food bar that serves the most delicious food and fresh juices and smoothies. It’s kind of a neighborhood secret and is one of my favorite spots to eat lunch. It’s called The Shanti Shack. Hope you make it back someday.