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clean up time– recycling electronics

Just recently I said goodbye to my TV.

We began our relationship in my family kitchen in the mid 80′s and hung tight through various apartments and boroughs until finally, relegated to the hallway, it’s remote (which was the only way you could change channels) beyond repair, I decided that it was time for the television to be recycled. Especialy as I had no plans for it’s reduction or reuse.

One of the most convenient things about writing for the Krrb blog is that I get to research topics I’m actually interested in. Like this piece on recycling electronic waste I wrote a while back. So when it came time to move the TV out of my life, I just read that piece again. And the great news that I rediscovered is that the Lower East Side Ecology Center has a huge electronics recycling warehouse in Brooklyn that is ready and willing, any Tuesday through Saturday, to accept your electronic waste for proper recycling.

Like this stuff here:

They also host e-waste recycling events all over the city, if you’re not looking to drive over to the warehouse. The next one, for example, is on June 16th in Chelsea.

Such an easy way to do right by your environment. I loved my TV, but it’s time had come. We have finally graduated from a non-TV watching house to a TV-less house. Which feels more authentic.

Which is what this is about, right?

Bye bye…

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