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Actually, it’s so last minute that at this point Santa’s probably already been to whatever wharehouse he uses in your area to store the gifts till Christmas eve. And if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, your deadline is tonight (though you actually have till the 28th, so it’s not so bad)

So we’re left with what’s down the block (Krrb can help you there, actually,) on Amazon (one day left to get it shipped on time) or MP3′s… or of course donations to your favorite charities.

If you live in Williamsburg’s northside, and you have somebody like me to shop for, consider going to Jumelle and picking her up a pair of the mocassins in the photo above. Soft, furry, warm, perfect.

OK I give up.

Evidently today is one of those days when nothing really works. SO every time I try to upload a new photo of another cool thing that you guys should know about, it comes up blank. I’m taking it as a sign and am going to walk away from my computer right now. Or right after I finish typing and (hopefully) posting this.

And then I’m going to take a little break from shopping and go back to paying attention to the things that are interesting. So much going on in the world these days… who cares about the really cute shiny glittery old fashioned horribly overpriced but who cares Christmas tree ornaments that are to be had at John Derian on Manhattan’s east 2nd Street?

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