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So now it’s really down to the wire, but hey you can still go to soho (along with all of the knuckleheads in the NYC vicinity) but instead of hitting up Uniqlo, J Crew and H&M, head over to slightly less crowded Crosby St and check out Jill Platner’s beautiful store full of breathtaking jewelry. I have worn little else since I first put on one of her pendants many (many) years ago. If you wear one of her pieces, you can’t take your hands off it.

If you want to learn more about Jill and how she makes her work and the thought that goes into each piece, check out this video. It’s short and amazing and really does offer a glimpse into her magical world.

And if you want to make somebody in your life very very happy, buy them something from this store or website, depending on where you are.

click below for more:

She also has a home line, which is well worth checking out as there are some people who just aren’t into jewelry. And others, like me, that are so addicted that they want some Platner for their table as well.

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