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radiance (gift idea #4)

This is the kind of gift that is both brilliant and a little mean. Because once you’ve tried this skin care line by red flower, you cannot go back. Which means you end up throwing out all of the products that you used to think were so incredible and perfect because they now feel like tar and dishwashing detergent in comparison.

Or maybe you’ll be like me, and slowly replace your old products with these new ones as they run out, everyday secretly using more of the old stuff than you should in order to more quickly deplete them.

However it happens, if you know somebody who is not already turned on to this stuff, hook her up. All natural (for real!) and light on fragrance, this little set is like getting to go to a super high end luxury eco spa in Costa Rica or something. Without the hassle of a full body scan at the airport.

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Mind you, you don’t get to go to the beach right afterwards or anything, but whatever. When I find the skin care line that includes a trip to paradise, I will let you know.

ps: sorry to have been off for a couple of days– we had a technical glitch that took a minute to solve. aaaah computers……

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