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This one is going to be brief, as I am exhausted and still have a house full of dirty dishes, toys and unwatered plants to contend with before I lay my head down. But I wrote you all because the one thing that is keeping me going right about now is the new record by the Chemical Brothers– a band that I must admit I havce not listened to in, oh, at least five years if not more.

But I have undoubtedly been missing out, because this record, called Further, is great both in it’s ability to keep me awake (it is dance music after all) and in the breadth of the samples and the way the songs are put together.

for links and more info, click below:

This record is perfect for when you need the party to come to you… take a listen here. There are also evidently incredible visuals that have been lovingly produced for each track and are available on a bonus DVD, but I’m too otherwise occupied to really get into that right now. Actually I’m too busy freaking out about BP. But that’s another story better explored in a different venue.

For now lets just take it easy. And keep dancing.

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