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If you live, or are planning to be anywhere near, Brooklyn, NY between now and May 23rd, run don’t walk to see Elizabeth Streb’s extraordinary company of dancers (they call themselves action engineers) perform their latest show, aptly titled Run Up Walls. And if you have kids, bring ‘em. This show is a rare convergence of profound beauty, headscratching physical feats and pure, non-stop action, complete with film, sound and robotic effects that serve to bring everyone deeper into the world of extreme possibility that Streb creates.

The performers are the centerpiece, and they do, literally at one point, run up the walls. These are the people I want to be friends with when the sh*t hits the fan, because they will physically be able to tackle any kind of Terminator-like future the bad guys throw our way. There is a metal eyebeam that they play chicken with, jumping over and ducking under and running around it with expressions of pure joy– as if they could not possibly be having more fun anywhere on earth. There are harnesses and a huge truss that rises up into the ether from which the dancers fly with arms outstretched. Our toddler was so captivated that she jumped out of her seat and stood, eyes transfixed, right at the corner of the stage for the entire second act.

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Everyone leaves the show excited and inspired. You feel like you just might be able to fly. Which, in this day and age, is a rare and amazing way to feel. They also have an incredible series of classes, for both kids and adults, so that we all can begin to learn how to fly. After seeing this show, I cannot imagine continuing without that knowledge. Click here to find out more about the company and to buy tickets.And tell everybody you know to come check them out. A world full of Elizabeth Streb’s kind of action is a more beautiful place to be for sure.

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