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Ok after today I promise a few posts about things other than shopping will be interspersed betwixt and between this gift guide stuff. But for right now, here are a few flash drives for the gadget minded person who still cares about what her toys look like. If you have to transport data, I say you may as well do it in style. And these are the kind of things that people don’t tend to buy for themselves…

This first drive, by Oooms, hails from the Netherlands (of course) and is a perfect marriage of old world craftmanship– each stick is hand made from a unique piece of wood– and technology with 1 G of memory. Check it out here, where it is currently on sale!

Completely different vibe, but no less excellent, these playful dolls are perfect for the collector of Japanese action figures or the hello kitty crew. Available at MOMA, they make a great little gift and are less heavy on the wallet.

more below:

And then there is this amazing looking snowflake stick from a company in Tokyo caled Cina. I can’t read most of their site because it’s in japanese, but if you can, and this thing isn’t too horribly expensive, you shouod consider it. Ain’t no way whoever you are shopping for has this already.

Unless they live in Tokyo…

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