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black humor for black friday

Now why I found these on a kids’ website I could not tell you… these thumb wrestling masks are the kind of thing that could have come in handy on many a late night in my not too distant former life as a childless person with a social life. There is a cartain sensibility that appreciates the esthetic value of the mexican wrestling masks (and it aint all low brow, either– check out the amazing designs of DFCasa, a Mexican studio that merits it’s own future post for sure)

more below:

The children’s site is called Peek, aren’t you curious? and it is well worth a look see. Beyond these brilliant masks, they have great baby clothes and a wonderful selection of books, games and toys (Don’t look nieces! Many holiday gifts may hail from here) All of their gifts are designed to put a smile on your face.

Which is great, because levity is a crucial part of staying sane this time of year!

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