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an elegant toy stove

Let the Holiday Gift Guide begin! From now through the end of the season, I will bring you as many cool gift ideas as I can muster (which better be numerous as I haven’t even started doing any shopping for my posse!)

Here’s one for the kids:


Some families on this earth are lucky enough to have whole rooms devoted to the toys and entertainment of their children. Playrooms, I think these spaces are called. I wouldn’t know, as I live in a typically space challenged apartment in New York City. Which is why, when considering a toy stove for my daughter, I had to also consider the fact that it was going to be living in our dining room and had to meet the design approval of my very very (dare I say overly?) discerning husband.


I found my answer in this beautifully crafted wooden stove by Camden Rose. Truth be told, I saw one at a friend’s place and immediately had to know where she’d found it. She generously pointed me to, which is your dream destination for old school and often hand crafted toys for your kids.


more below:

Incredibly well made and not overwhelmingly huge (the stove is only 24 inches wide) this is a great compromise in the grown-ups vs. kids design war, without feeling too terribly precious.

They also have this super cute doll bed on sale right now, so go check out the site and think about getting less plastic for your kids this holiday season.

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