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an awesome book!

My friends Howard Goldkrand and Beth Coleman (of soundlab|cultural alchemy fame) have some of the best taste I ever ever encountered. Seriously. They make great art (see my first blog post) produce amazing events, have a super cool kid and give the best gifts ever.

Like this book they gave to my daughter, by artist Dallas Clayton, aptly titled An Awesome Book. All about the importance of dreaming, it is filled with whimsical and hilarious drawings of candy cane machines and rocket powered unicorns all meant to encourage little people to dream BIG. To be honest, I think I love it more than my kid does, which is great since I’m going to have to read it to her about a million times between now and when she is really reading on her own.

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And because this book is also about spreading the word and making the world a more positive place to inhabit, there is a foundation set up (called the Awesome World Foundation, of course) which is working to promote child literacy by donating one copy of the book to a school, hospital or child in need for every copy sold.

So everybody wins. How’s that for dreaming large?

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