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Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

Semo Nemo Meow skirt

On the one hand, my daughter has plenty of clothes to last her through the next six months or so (as long a she doesn’t have some kind of crazy growth spurt between now and next winter…) But on the other hand one can never have enough outfit changes for a kid who loves to both wear lovely dresses and roll around in the mud catching bugs and building secret hideouts.

Plus how am I supposed to resist the incredible cuteness of the Meow skirt by Semo Nemo? It’s the pet kitty that my poor daughter will never be able to have (we are all allergic…) Plus it spins out when you twirl around, which these days is a required trait in all skirts and dresses. And it’s not pink, which is something that I shouldn’t care about, but I do.

Win win win.

Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

Lisa Perry for schumacher

Here I am, living the dream… if only for a minute or two!

A few weeks ago, I was treated to a lovely lunch at designer Lisa Perry’s incredible penthouse apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan. It was a beautiful day (one of those deceptively warm moments between snowstorms) and the event was in celebration of her collaboration with the venerable fabric house F. Schumacher & Co.

No stranger to bold graphic prints, Lisa Perry’s sixties sensibility is a perfect match for some of Schumacher’s more audacious patterns. As soon as I saw that zebra dress, I spirited it away to a bedroom to try it on for kicks. It will be on the top of my list, the next time I need to make a big splash somewhere. A brilliant mix of vintage and modern, the pattern perfectly compliments the shape of the dress.

Plus that pink bedroom and the crazy white full length mirror take the whole situation to a completely new level.

For a look at both the collection and some more interior shots of that incredible apartment, check out this post on quintessence, who did a much better job of documenting the event than I did. I was too busy shopping…

(and if you’re interested, the entire capsule collection is available at Barney’s.)

Hello feet!

Yesterday was almost 70 degrees. I dug out my Birkenstocks from where they’d been hibernating for aeons and, for the first time in memory, my toes saw the light of day. It was glorious. And it got me thinking about what other everyday options there might be out there for my feet this season. Here are 5 pairs I’m thinking of trying…

Photo courtesy of shopbird.com

Photo courtesy of shopbird.com

Maybe if I start wearing golden sandals, I’ll be able to fly like Hermes and won’t have to deal with traffic or the subway anymore…
a détacher highsmith t-strap low heel sandal. $425 at Bird

Photo courtesy of zeromariacornejo.com

Photo courtesy of zeromariacornejo.com

Leave it to the genius Maria Cornejo to deconstruct the oxford in a way that feels classic and ultra modern at the same time…
zero + maria cornejo Flo Oxford, $495 at zeromariacornejo.com.

Photo courtesy of UrbanOutfitters.com

Photo courtesy of UrbanOutfitters.com

If you want to give this whole fringe moment a try without too much of a financial commitment, try these tasseled sandals from Ecote…
ecote braided tassel sandals. $49 at Urban Outfitters.

pons sandals

Photo courtesy of Avarcasusa.com.

Or maybe it’s about simplicity of form but a bold color, like these classic Pons sandals from Spain…
pons classic women avarca. $77 at avarcasusa.com.


Photo courtesy of cstyleswomen.com

And then there is always the old faithful, the humble, reliable, ever comfortable, your-feet-will-thank-you-for-buying-these Birkenstocks…
classic gizeh sandals by birkenstock. $95 at Birkenstockusa.com.

Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

Zimmerman riot swimsuit

Riot cutout mesh-paneled swimsuit by Zimmerman. Available on Net-a Porter.

Just one day into the slightly-less-than-sub-zero temperatures and I’m already thinking about the beach. Jumping the gun a bit, perhaps, but we deserve it, after what we’ve been through these past few months.

Now I’m not sure I’m ever going to lay down $750 for a bathing suit, but if I were, this little number by Zimmerman would be up there on my list. More modest than my usual two piece selections, and yet totally outlandish at the same time. I’m not 100% sure I could pull it off, but I so want to be the femme fatale that wears this suit, that I’m willing to give it a go. (Maybe I need a wide brimmed hat like this one to go with it.)

Now off I go to the corner store to buy a lottery ticket…

Maybe the Monday, Monday posts should just be on Tuesdays at this point. Or, more links to some sites about fashion

tess giberson fw 2015

One of my favorite looks this season from, of course, Tess Giberson. Quite possibly because it’s so cold out these days, but whatever. Photo by Elizabet Davids / Courtesy of Tess Giberson

Because it’s fashion week. And like it or not, this is the moment when everybody is thinking about clothes. May as well jump on in.

When you just want to see images of the shows, head straight to style.com. I rarely bother with any of their editorial content, but their coverage of every look to come down the runways is comprehensive and a great place to start.

The polar opposite to Style.com (and a particular favorite of mine) is Stylelikeu which is all about the expression of the self through style, and not at all married to seasons or trends. Their profiles really get to the heart of what makes their incredibly inspirational subjects tick. I do believe it is the only fashion/style related site that moves me to tears on a regular basis.

Lucky magazine founder Kim France’s Girls of a Certain Age is great because, well, it’s for girls of a certain age.

I find myself drawn to Racked because it looks good (I’m a sucker for nice design) and is comprehensive without feeling all overwhelming and dizzying.

Refinery 29 comes close to being just a bit too overwhelming, but they have been at it for, like, ever (in the internet world at least) and the site is kind of like an old friend at this point. Plus they parse out other useful information like how to drink tea properly which is the type of knowledge I like to gather. They also serve up a nice horoscope.

Another more commercial site that stays on my radar is The Cut. Because once you get past the moving parts and ads it is surprisingly smart and has a great sense of humor, not to mention lovely taste in clothes.

This is a bit random, but I always enjoy checking out the mood board from The Glamourai. They even have a shop, so we can all be copycats with the touch of a button.

The award for best name goes to Andrea Linett’s I Want To Be Her. Because how many times have we all thought that phrase while checking out some girl?

For the most part, I find the obligatory here-is-another-photo-of-me format of the fashion blogger to be slightly annoying, even if I love everything they wear. With the exception of Accidental Icon Lyn Slater, who somehow manages to pull it off. And her prose is so intelligent, that it has inspired me to try and take it up a notch here. Wish me luck.

And then last, but far from least, there is Garance Doré, bien sur.

Monday, Monday– or a few links to some great end-of-season sales that are still happening right now

OC jacket

Photo courtesy openingceremony.us

Ok first up, this wrap/blanket/jacket from Opening Ceremony is now only $188, which is practically free.

photo courtesy Florahenri.com

photo courtesy Florahenri.com

A girls’ liberty print bathing suit from Flora and Henri that’s so pretty that the fact that it’s called a maillot doesn’t seem at all pretentious…

photo courtesy Sweetwilliamltd.com

photo courtesy Sweetwilliamltd.com

You can always find something amazing (like this orange floral dress by anais and i) for your kid to wear at Sweet William and right now the winter stock is 40% off…

Photo courtesy mnz.com

Photo courtesy mnzstore.com

Maryam Nassir Zadeh still has a rocking sale going on… if you wear a size 37 or 38 you can score a pair of these open loafers by Ter et Bantine

Photo courtesy Onekingslane.com

Photo courtesy Onekingslane.com

You might not be aware of this, but One Kings Lane, everybody’s favorite online furniture store, has a whole section called “Downstairs” where everything is even more discounted than on the rest of the site. Today, I am thinking about upgrading my umbrella situation, which is somewhat pathetic…

Photo courtesy redflower.com

Photo courtesy redflower.com

If you know me at all, you know of my devotion to the sensually holistic beauty line Red Flower… and they are having a valentine’s day 3 for 2 style sale right now that is not to be missed…

Photo courtesy tessgiberson.com

Photo courtesy tessgiberson.com

I own this crochet backed sweater by Tess Giberson and if I hadn’t worn it about a thousand times between September and now, I would be all annoyed that I didn’t wait for the sale to buy it at it’s current (very) reduced price. You, on the other hand, can take full advantage of this last-gasp sale should you be so inclined…

Another thing I don’t need but totally want, regardless


The SISII all-black version of the LL Bean rain boot is at Bird right now. Even as I type this caption.

I remember as a kid, and a teenager, and then into my twenties, not being able to imagine life in foul weather without the iconic LL Bean duck boot. But slowly, the tall wellie style took over, and, in my life at least, mukluks have assumed all snow duties.

But then these all-black duck boots show up at Bird, and I am suddenly tempted to throw away all of this adult nonsense and go back to basics. Especially now that I can do so while remaining all sophisticated and chic and whatnot.


Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

Photo from the lovely A Detacher website.

Photo from the lovely A Detacher website.

The holidays are over. My bank account is depleted. Plus I’m sure I’m going to make some kind of decluttering, less-is-more style promise to myself when I finally get around to making my resolutions.

But were I in the market for a new handbag, I’m thinking this would be the one. And it’s at A Detacher, which is one of my favorite NYC stores/shrines– I always stop in to dream whenever I’m in the neighborhood– so there are probably all sorts of other wonderful things on the racks and shelves that I want too.

But right now, instead of shopping, I’m going to go out and scrape the snow off of my car.


My fall uniform

maria cornejo lola skirt

I know that Maria Cornejo didn’t actually have me in mind when she cooked up this skirt, and yet it really is one of the most perfect-for-me things I’ve ever worn.

I have always dreamed of being one of those women who wears a uniform. And by uniform, I of course don’t mean a plaid kilt with a white shirt and navy shoes, but rather a small set of perfectly-suited-to-me clothes that I just alternate. I’d always look pulled together and great and chic and all that, without having to think twice about what to wear on any given day.

My closet would be all neat and whatnot, with space between the hangers holding several variations on my personal wardrobe theme. I’d be able to see everything at once. My drawers would open and close with ease, the contents neatly folded. All of my socks would be in perfect pairs and of course have no holes…

I could go on and on.

The reality is that I’ve saved t shirts from as far back as 1985. And sweaters. And dresses. And pants. The list could go on and on…

It would be easy if I didn’t wear them, but of course they all come out from time to time and I get a kick out of rocking a bit of my own personal history through the streets of ever-in-the-current-moment Williamsburg.

However, there are a few items that have elevated themselves to the status of uniform… that I find myself turning to again and again, that can be dressed up while still feeling like pj’s, that automatically make me feel like a lady. The above “lola” skirt by the brilliant Maria Cornejo is one of those pieces.

I should probably just buy 3 of them and be done with it. And you guys should too. If you’re into wearing skirts, that is…

New shades

glasses by Takemoto

Custom made bamboo glasses by Takemoto on Hong Kong. Photo from Ebay.

So there I was, buying ice cream from the yellow truck on Bedford Ave, and I found myself dumbstruck by the incredible glasses that the girl serving up the scoops was sporting. And for once in my life, instead of just noticing them and walking away, I asked her about them.

I even remembered what she told me (handmade, Etsy, Hong Kong) and went straight home to my computer to look them up. They are really meticulously handcrafted, come in lots of different colors, will fit you perfectly (if you fill out all of the information correctly) and will be made especially for you, at under $100. Which in this age of overpriced designer everything, is a beautiful thing.

So go check out Takemoto’s Etsy shop and order yourself up a pair of these glasses, be they for reading or just looking good. I can’t imagine that you would be sorry.