April 2016

Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless…

The Kinzey pump, by Rachel Comey. Photo from rachelcomey.com

The Kinzey pump, by Rachel Comey. Photo from rachelcomey.com

The weather has finally transformed from freezing to beautiful, the trees are all flowering, and I don’t know about you, but my thoughts are beginning to turn toward open toed shoes. Mind you, I’ll need to pay a visit to my local manicure spot before I go sporting any such footwear, but lets not get bogged down with details.

The shoe I most want right exactly now is this navy blue suede sandal/pump that the ever talented Rachel Comey has dreamed up for this season. Sure, suede isn’t the most practical of materials, but navy is a good color for hiding imperfections and the cream piping is a detail to die for.

I’m thinking anybody wearing these pumps is automatically well dressed. Plus all Comey shoes are meticulously constructed, so you can make it all day and into the night without having to switch into flip flops.

Which I consider a total victory.

Monday, Monday… or more links about voting, sleeping and saying goodbye

Getting out the vote, Pilobolus style. Photo by Robert Whitman.

Getting out the vote, Pilobolus style. Photo by Robert Whitman.

It’s been a hell of a week. Sorry for not posting more. I traveled down the coast to the funeral of a very close family friend and then spent time on Saturday holding the hand of my dying aunt (she passed away Sunday morning). I am about as worn out as a person can be (From lack of sleep? Chasing after an 8 year old? Death? MS? The presidential primaries?)… But the sun is shining, and one of my daughter’s favorite music teachers sent us this Spotify playlist with 7 different versions of If I had A Hammer. I’m listening to it right now. Everything’s gonna be alright.

In case you missed it, check out today’s Brian Lehrer show on the NY primaries. It helps to to demystify the ballots, and explains who we are actually voting for (hint: it’s not the folks we see on TV) and how best to make your vote count.

The League of Women Voters has all sorts of helpful information, phone numbers and even QR codes to make it easy as possible to let your voice be heard. Plus it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, this advice on how to talk to someone who is dying has come in handy this past week. I found it very helpful and figured there may be one or two of you who would as well…

Could achieving world peace and finding a cure for cancer be as simple as getting enough sleep? Here are 3 TED talks that will convince us that the road to a better world might just be paved with a good night’s sleep.

Monday, Monday… or more links about things to check out from the train

Ah yes, America. Or at least, the eastern seaboard...

Ah yes, America. Or at least, the eastern seaboard…

So I’m writing this to you guys from the DC bound Amtrak train which is currently carrying my sister and I to the funeral of a close family friend. We’ll be meeting my parents there as well… and we’ll all be sharing a hotel room. Just like old times! Sort of. I think I’ll be making good use of this meditation app that my husband turned me on to.

Nothing like a 3+ hour train ride to catch up on some reading. This is a beautiful essay about breast cancer by the inimitable kate Bolick.

And I don’t think I could ever read enough about Louise Bourgeois

The New York Times finally FINALLY calls out Donald Trump for what he really is.

Some really cute Japanese-meets-euro style kids clothes that I really want to get my hands on…

If you want to see a truly touching, beautiful and heartwrenchingly sad expression of what it means to lose a friend, watch this elephant.

Oh and last but not least, please PLEASE do not go to see Batman v Superman. It is horrible. And this is coming from a person who really likes superhero movies. Check out this review on Rotten Tomatoes if you need more specifics.