March 2012

what time is it?

I had a watch that I loved, but the band broke and it sat on a shelf in my kitchen for… oh… 3 years or so awaiting repair. It’s still there. I’m gonna get get fixed, I swear.

And in the meantime, I kept hoping that I would turn into one of those people who didn’t wear a watch and, as a result, was somehow unencumbered by the contrictions of scheduling and time.

No such luck. I just became one of those annoying people who is always looking at their phone. Plus I found that limiting my kid’s access to screen media (including the iPhone) is much harder when you’re pulling it out of your bag all the time to see what time it is. So I finally gave up and began a search for a new watch in earnest. That I could love. And that wasn’t going to cost me a half a year’s worth of child care.

Finally, it emerged. From the pages of the Martha Stewart Living holiday gift guide, no less. wewood, a company out of Los Angeles, makes beautiful watches out of sustainably grown trees. And ever since I’ve had one of my own, I’ve gotten into loads of conversations with people from all walks of life about how cool it is to have a watch made out of wood.

**Also, if you are serious about saving a few $$s whie you’re at it, go check out RawFeed for coupons on Wewood products. They come and go, but it’s always worth checking before you pay full price, right?

Which makes me happy.

And it also gives me an opening to talk about the importance of usinig sustainable materials whenever possible. Not to mention the fact that the less you are handling your phone, the less radiation you’re getting from it. But that’s another story for another time…

Happy spring

Finally spring! And while winter wasn’t all that, I’m still excited about the longer days and warmer breezes that are moving in.

So here’s to a renewal of our child like wonder in all aspects of the world. And may we continue to have the ability to look at an unruly clover-filed lawn and see a carpet full of flowers, ripe for the picking.

Because the world, as crazy as it is, continues to be filled with jaw dropping splendor.

Which is the reason we all keep on plugging. Global warming, terrorism, economic meltdowns, do nothing landlords, fatal illness, credit card bills, Rick Santorum and bad boyfriends be damned.

spring cleaning

So I finally bit the bullet and am doing a juice cleanse. Just a two day voyage, plus you get some millet with a sprinkling of carrot and celery for dinner, which I think is the only reason that I thought I could potntially go through with it. Me, who is a constant snacker and a true lover of food in all of its glory.

Also this particular fast was designed and prepared by Brownie of the shanti shack fame. She is a genius and an incredibe cook, so I knew that the juices would be delectable. And as I have befriended her over the past 18 months of practicing yoga at Kula’s Williamsburg spot, I knew I’d be in good hands.

So here I am, one day and 2 juices into it… And I’m waiting for the soaring feeling of tranquility to kick in. Right now, I’m just a bit chilly (nothing like a little pasta to keep a body warm) but I am feeling oddly clear. And the time is passing more slowly (how long before I can have my next juice?) but I am also getting a hell of a lot more done. Which is reason enough to do this more frequently.

for details about the juices, click below…

I have to say, I have not been at all hungry. I miss chewing, but two days is nothing (talk to me around 6 pm and see how I feel then…)

Here’s what I have been putting into my body:

First up, grapefruit juice to start, which suppresses the appetite and gets the metabolism going. Two hours and a  bunch of water later, comes green juice with spinach, zucchini and citrus for some internal scrubbing. Next up, a blush of beets, apple, strawberry, lime and ginger filled with fiber and the perfect thing to, in Brownie’s words “iron your lunch pains.” For the late afternoon comes the much needed “pep talk” full of clarity inducing agave, jalapeno, lemon, ginger and peppermint. Then, oh happy day, comes the millet, leek and fava “porridge” which is like a miracle in my mouth by this point in a previously all-liquid day. Lastly, for desert, the dew coloada, a “misty mix of honey dew and pineapple to vaporize today’s drop.” This last one is killer. A sweet reward for making it through the day.

Doesn’t sound all that bad, right? And the benefits are legion– everything from cleaning out (and giving a rest to) the digestive tract and eliminating toxic waste in the bloodstream to clearing up the skin and increasing energy. And this particular cleanse comes with a super short meditation in the morning and evening, as well as a short series of yoga poses to help encourage the body to release what it’s been holding on to for so long…

Mind you, I’m only a bit more than halfway through a relatively easy two day cleanse, but I am becoming a convert for sure. I do love my red velvet cake far too much to adopt this way of eating whole hog, but a little refresher every now and again isn’t such a bad thing, right?

I’ll keep you guys posted as to when Brownie decides to do another one. Or, if you are jonesing to get your juice on, check out Organic Avenue for their wide array of cleanses.

you’ve tried all the rest…

These people actually are not lying. The pizza at Best Pizza is arguably the best pizza I’ve had in quite some time. And I eat pizza city-wide. Brick oven. Thin crust. Real tomato sauce. Fresh toppings. Granted, I’ve been worn down by lots of last minute what-are-we-having-for-dinner moments at slightly less than optimal joints, but still.

This place rocks. And they play kind of serious Wu Tang style hip hop, which I at once love (because I love it) and hate (because I’m still trying to shelter my pre schooler from straight up swearing and glorification of violence… wish me luck.) It’s never too crowded, and it’s on our way home from school, which for me might be it’s biggest selling point.

Best Pizza can be found at 33 Havemeyer Street (between N8 and N7 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

They even have a blog: