August 2011

a perfect sumer dress

For your kid, that is.

While trolling through the listings on Krrb, I happened upon this super cute dress by a company called Rasany which, were I in the vicinity of the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn, I would just go pick up right now. So I figured I’d share it with you all here, and then maybe somebody I know’s little girl can be flouncing around in this little number before the summer’s out.

For me, it’s the perfect dress: not too frilly, not pink, a print that’s sophisticated without being obnoxious… and yet it can be described as a princess dress, which is, right about now, all a certain someone is interested in wearing…

And look! They make quilts and other stuff too. Like these kaftans that I can buy and parade around in, pretending to be a 70′s movie star hanging out by the pool.

Which sounds like a pretty nice life, right about now…