March 2011

Last two days!!

Sorry for the late notice, but I only just discovered that my new favorite jeans are about to not be available online anymore. WHAAAAAAT?? After I spent years decrying the demise of good jeans by Levis and wondering what to do? And then I finally buy these awesome jeans by Martin, which I have been hearing about for years, and realize that I have a new BFF in the denim dept.

Only to discover that Anne Johnston Albert, the brilliant designer of this line, is shutting down her website. ON MARCH 31!!!!

So seriously, check them out and get your hands on a pair if you can. They are not cheap, but totally worth it. I bought 2 pairs (something I am often sorry I didn’t do when it is too late) which will hopefully last me into the next decade.

Because they really are good…. and we know how hard it is to find a good thing these days.

Now the word is that Martin will still be available in select stores which are listed here. So hopefully, should any of us need replacements, or are not quick enough on the draw here, there is a future for Martin in our lives.